Putting Science to Work for Peace

The Peace and Conflict Neuroscience Lab aims to understand how the human mind drives intergroup conflict and to put research into action to heal those divisions.

Studying Conflict Around the World

Our lab studies the dynamics around real-life conflict taking place globally. Click the button below to learn about our publications and ongoing projects by geographic region.

Emile Bruneau’s Legacy

PNCL founder Emile Bruneau, Ph.D. passed away in September 2020 after a fight with brain cancer, but his vision lives on. Learn more about how Bruneau’s life inspired his work, and his fervent hope that others would continue where he left off, using science to pursue peace.

Understanding Human Conflict


Our Research seeks to better understand how processes in the human brain drive people to conflict — and what we can do to bring people together.

The Latest

Dr. Emile Bruneau’s interview with Discover Magazine

Photo: Discover Magazine, hkalkan/Shutterstock Analysis of tensions between Republicans and Democrats shows that while dehumanization and dislike toward an opposing group exists, each group perceives that the prejudice and dehumanization against their own group is twice as high as it actually is....

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Understanding Why Teachers Discriminate Against Minority Students

Teachers spend their time educating young people, imparting both intellectual knowledge and practical life skills, in an attempt to help children grow into adults. They often do this for low pay and little thanks. They are the best of us, or at least they’re supposed to be. But teachers are...

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